Mommy Has Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a disease that not only affects Mom, but affects the entire family adding to the stress and guilt patients often feel for placing this "burden" on her family. We help relieve as many of these stressors as possible so that mom can rest, relax, and focus her energy on not just battling breast cancer, but mindfully conquering it. At Mommy Has Breast Cancer we understand that the difficulties that come with a diagnosis of breast cancer can often tear families apart. We also understand however that with proper intervention and support for the family we can help families not only survive this battle, but thrive and come closer together instead of being torn apart.

What Do We Offer?

Prepared Meal Delivery

We partner with professionals who deliver healthy and delicious prepared meals to our familes all around the continental United States. We carefully select and sample these meals to ensure that the entire family can be sustained with nutritious food that mom, dad, or the kids can easily heat and serve.


We partner with other great charities like Cleaning for a Reason, or we contract and hire our own professionals in order to provide housekeeping service to tired moms around the nation. When you aren't feeling your best, the last thing you want to come home to is a dirty house. Rest up mom, and save that energy for winning your battle against breast cancer.

Education Designed for Children

We send each child one of three books we use to help them understand what Mommy is going through, why Mommy has no hair, and why Mommy has no energy to play. These book address the many questions that children often have and provide an opportunity for dialouge. Our books are available in English, en Espanol, as well as the African American Community.

Childcare During Treatment

Access to childcare can be a major barrier to care for some women and we understand from first-hand experience the struggle that many single moms and stay-at-home moms face. Fighting cancer is tough, but sometimes finding a sitter for treatment can seem impossible. We arrange and pay for childcare to make sure that mom has all the ammunition she needs to fight her battle.

Transportation to Treatment

Access to quality care is one of the greatest disparities that exists for many women diagnosed with breast cancer. Even for women who have regular transportation, driving yourself to and from treatment is often not an option during chemotherapy and surgery. We want to make sure that all of our moms have access to quality care so we've paired up with transportation providers in several cities to help make sure that women can get to and from treatment.

Man to Man Support

Let's face it... Sometimes our guys just don't know what to do, or what to say and the last thing Mom needs on her plate is to be an emotional outlet. We pair up the spouses and boyfriends with other men who have experienced the challenge of supporting a loved one through breast cancer. We understand that men go through this battle too, and with the proper support we believe that the family can become stronger with the proper coaching and support for everyone who has been affected.

Most requested services

Hundreds of families are in need but there are a few clear winners when it comes to the availability and types of services requested. Here's a breakdown of what that looks like:

Healthy Meal Delivery
Housekeeping Help
Transportation to Treatment
Childcare During Treatment
Man-to-Man Support

What are folks saying about our services?

  • My family was shocked!  There was so much food that was easy for us to make.  This was very convenient, high quality food.  This program really made feeding my family healthy meals easy to do throughout everything.


  • I would give the program a ten rating. When you are in the middle of the battle for your life, MHBC coordinators were like my earth angels who swooped in to help me when I was most feeling helpless, fearful, traumatized. But mommy has to put on her strong mommy face for the blessed sake of the children, no matter their age. I was able to accomplish this with the blessings bestowed upon my children and me by MHBC family


  • I just can't say it enough how thankful I am for this program. I wish I had known about it the first time I had had cancer. Having the food, and especially the housecleaning has been such a blessing...   I know my family is being taken care of, and that gives me peace of mind. Thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors!


  • Thanks again for the book, the food, and the house cleaning.  The ladies from Molly Maid came today, and they did a fantastic job!  This place was a bit of a mess since I had 2 surgeries in 3 weeks.  They were very thorough and professional.  Thanks for providing this wonderful is such a blessing!


  • A big Thank You to you for making my life easier during this difficult time.  My children loved the books and my youngest is throwing me a “Hat Party” today, just like the girls in the book did for their Mom.  Thanks for everything!


Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors